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netCUDA Model Credit Union - to be replicated throughout the UK

Sustainable - designed for early sustainability, quickly becoming a Social Enterprise
Large 'Common Bond' Area - e.g. County Borough
Mainstream Service and An Ethical Alternative - 3rd stream of banking: Banks, Building Societies, Credit Unions
Central Administrative HQ - Professionally run having a 'Flag ship' shop front premises
'State of the Art' Technology - using Fern's ABACUS Credit Union/Banking software, designed to service a network of collection points provide online banking for members
Universally Accessible - services through a local network of collection points.
  Plus payments through:    
    Paypoint/Post Office    
    Payroll deduction    
    Cash withdrawl through ATMs    
Access to Money Advice and Financial Education - in partnership with Credit Action and local money advice services eg CABx